The Original Lunar Phase

Lunar Phase Calendars for 2014

The stunning moon calendar that captures the waxing and waning cycle of the moon in a simple and elegant format; The Original Lunar Phase Calendar is aLunar Phase Calendar 2014
a functional, informative and aesthetically pleasing
print suitable for framing.

Eco-friendly Moon Calendars

Printed with vegetable-based inks on paper manufactured using
biogas energy, containing 100%
post-consumer fiber, processed
chlorine free and FSC recycled.

This lunar phase calendar has been a “Green” print for 22 years!

Offered in 8 vibrant colors; Midnight Blue, Sky Blue, Light Green, Evergreen, Teal Green, Violet, Royal Purple and Black.

The dimensions of our lunar phase calendar poster are 10” x 30”

Published by the artists who create the original
artwork and design by hand, this print is produced entirely in the USA.

Functional and Informative

The dates used to chart the pattern for this design are accurate, based on Universal Time.
The monthly primary phases of the moon are placed in the graphic based on dates obtained from the US Naval Observatory.

With The Original Lunar Phase calendar on your wall you will always know when the full moon comes around. Charting the phases of the moon can be beneficial for gardeners, fishermen, or anyone who wishes to follow any cycle, physical, behavioral; even the flow of finances can be seen in relationship to the lunar cycles.

Let our lunar phase calendar inspire you as the cycles of the moon mimic the cycles of life.

Comes rolled in recyclable, bio-degradable protective low-density poly sleeves. The Original Lunar Phase Calendar is a poster made from 100% recyled content

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